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Let’s just start by focusing on the impact that causes a brand new smile. It invites warmth, projects radiant health and happiness. A “Smile Makeover”, a friendly term designed to enhance the aesthetic aspect of teeth through restorative and cosmetic dental procedures with the whole purpose of bringing a whiter, brighter and of course, a youthful smile. Being objective, your face says it all. It’s your eyes and your smile that speak to everyone that crosses your path. When you smile both, your eyes and your smile light up creating a WOW factor on others.

In today’s world, full of social media pictures everywhere, technology brings a huge importance of having a healthy and beautiful smile for all your social and professional gatherings. Smile makeover is no longer for the rich and famous anymore. According to the Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 70% of people seeking a complete smile makeover are simply individuals who want to feel better about themselves.

A new smile Impression

It really doesn’t matter if it’s a serious major defect or a slight imperfection if a person list their smile as a priority, it will impact and improve the interactions with others on a daily basis.

“It amazes me how people who weren’t open to talk to me before, are willing and looking forward to share with me constantly” – Realtor and current patient in Bella Family Dental.

Beall Research & Training, a marketing research firm recently conducted a study evaluating how individuals perceive others according to the quality of their smile. The results will shock you. In the study, an overall of 500 hundred people shown their before and after treatment pictures, the most significant improvements in character traits occurred in the categories of “attractiveness,” “wealthy” and “popular with the opposite sex.”

“A smile can help you win friends and influence people” – Dale Carnegie


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